Now if your looking for drive look no further she is the real deal. pedigree is insane she’s a Batman x Costello in the photo she is 10 months old.


She is 20/21 inch ttw chocolate in colour with good pray drive. Very tight fur with beautiful head. Pedigree is veit shark eu Monsta. Red bear. Bite shark warrior. Red diamond. King liger. Royal blood line king lion.


She’s a Mia x x felon daughter she’s a 2x king Murdock in her blood very driven in pray drive and super loving aswel.


Around 100lbs in weight 21/22 inch ttw. Blue and white in colour she’s a king Kodak x Mercedes female.


She’s only 10 months old she’s around 20/21 inch ttw already with a 80/85lbs in weight. Her pedigree is tna nala. Monster. King liger. Red bear. Frank Sinatra. Mac 10. Unstoppable juggernaut.


She is my champagne queen she’s 21inch ttw 95/100 lbs in weight had 1 litter to date. Her pedigree is king el chapo. King swag. Blue terminator.hatfields Obama the great. Blue lines ghost face assassin 2004.