Prince Gunner

Red nose breed all the way throw he’s pedigree The boy is what I would call the perfect dog In all ways Correct High drive Tight feet Straight back Good muscle And off course stunning red


He’s a 2x king Murdock With a tiny tim outcross This boy is special He is very clean and correct With a super tight coat And in tris that is hard too produce He has very good drive And still only 12 months old with loads more too give


He’s a batman x case Breed by unleashed kennels Boy is athletic with very good rear and muscle Good drive very stable and confident


He’s a blue tri With red tan points Very clean and very correct Still off a young age and is only getting better


Demon is a red nose all the way throw he’s pedigree.short and stocky he will add drive and head into any breeding program that’s for sure he’s not open for stud yet but will be in the future.

Bruce Lee

Bruce lee is around 19 inch ttw 65lbs in weight and the prey drive in him is outstanding hes open for stud POA.


Is a Loki x karma son El cucuy and 2x ace Lilac carrier Super tight head good spread straight back very bully.

King Kano

King Kano he is a pocket bullie he’s a abkc winner and a super producer in my opinion. He has produced all colours he’s stud fee is £4000. Pedigree is locco lv kingpinline cartel Cali kingpinline Goliath II phenom x2.

Nero the Tank

Nero the tank. 23.7 inch ttw 132lbs in weight he’s blue and white. he’s produce outstanding pups with clean and correct structure. Stud fee is £3500 pedigree is nitro the beast iron cross giant disciple juggernaut most want kimbo Royal blood line king lion.